Monday 17 March 2014

[BANNED] Mesh Booty

Okay, there's a new version of the [BANNED] Mesh Booty out for sale, the Banned Big Booty, and it's thicker than the original (still available) to add more choices in your style. See pictures below and grab your demo! Price Promo is 800L and if you stop by the store, the owners are always glad to give a hand getting it on your bod.

There's a new mesh booty in town, the [BANNED] Mesh Booty. It's a bit bigger than my cute azz and has some very delicious curves on the butt, hips and legs.

The HUD has pants and underpants layering options and any phat azz/cute azz applier NC can be quickly and easily dropped into the appliers included with this mesh booty, while more and more creators are starting to provide them with their clothes. It includes all alphas and a developer kit.

The owners told me there will be a fitted mesh update coming shortly, as well.

The [BANNED] Mesh Booty is currently being sold at a promotional price of 700L, and will go up to regular price in a week or two.

Here you see both sizes that come in the pack, the regular and thicker legs (I set body fat at 2 and belly size at 4 to fit my shape)

Or, grab the below DEMO on the Marketplace link below

*** Designers are receiving a free promo pack at this time.


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