Thursday 20 March 2014

Thank you all SO much!!!

Hello Lovelies,

I've not posted on here for a while I know, but I just have to today because I am so delighted at how generous our group members have been with the donations towards the running costs of our new HQ!!

This truly is the MOST amazing group in SL!!!!

I am aware that the money you donate goes into what is essentially a tip jar, which drops the money straight onto me, and that you are relying on me being honest and giving that money to Luna and not spending it on shoes, so in the interests of full disclosure I am going to (try to remember to) post a copy of the transaction details on here, when I send Luna the money. 

This covers my back a little and also means I get to show you all how wonderfully generous you have been that week!!!

Here is today's:

03/20/201404:34:4869c632a5Destination: LunaNocturnal 
Region: Apocalypsis 
Description: BBBF HQ Donations 

Here is last week:

03/12/201413:53:5845e70f96Destination: LunaNocturnal 
Region: Apocalypsis 
Today I have posted on Facebook about our new HQ to try to get the word out to any designers who might not know about us already. Trin has also very kindly offered to send a NC directly to the designers members of our group so we are keeping up the work to get this HQ as big as Nico's giant boobs :P

If you didn't get there already, click here to get the SLURL.

Enjoy & Thank you once more

P.S. If you are not a designer, please please please DO NOT BUY THE EMPTY VENDORS!!!!!! If you buy them, no one can put a gift in them for you and it is driving me a little bit nuts having to return them almost daily to people who have bought them for no reason and putting new ones out.

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