Tuesday 8 April 2014

Birthday Hunt @ Chest Treasures Mall

Date: April 7-21, 2014

Type: Sim

Region Rating: Adult


Object: Birthday Cupcakes 5L each

Stores Participating 

Purple Candy

Purple Candy - 
Hint: Is this Paula? (STORE)


1Hundred -  
Hint #1 - Find 1 Hundred. 
Hint #2 - Look around the plants
Hint #3 - Find TRS
Hint #4 - Take a seat
Hint #5 - Getting some poolside rest time.

Brazen Hussies

Brazen Hussies - 
Hint: Keep warm (STORE)


[trs] - 
Hint: I shop in [trs]... I'm so "Hardcore"! (STORE)


Sjaja - 
Hint: Sit , Blow , and make a boobie Wish :)

BlondeQueen Shapes

BlondeQueen Shapes - 
Hint:  hint: look around the table!


Laney's -  
Hint: Take an LM while you're here.

Busty Boutique

Busty Boutique - 
Hint: Lets keep it on the Down Low or at least under the table  (STORE)


Erotipose - 
Hint: I DO like some girl-on-girl action! (STORE) 

VooDoo Dollz

VooDoo Dollz - 
Hint: the revenge is mine (STORE)

Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing

Hello Titty Lola Tango Clothing - 
Hint: Gotcha! (STORE)

Dee Designs

Dee Designs - 
Hint: Look for the flowers (STORE)

Luna Designs

Luna Designs - 

Baby Girl Inc

Baby Girl Inc - 
Hint: I hope you don't get too GREEDY (BEACH)

Amber-licious Designs

Amber-licious Designs - 
Hint #1: Everyone needs a piece of cuppy cake
Hint #2: You can look high but you'll find me down low


Trinite - 
Hint: this can hide you in the woods but I wonder if it can hide a cupcake too (STORE)

Sexy Peach

Sexy Peach - 
Hint #1.-   It feels like  home (STORE)
Hint #2.-  Little boxes on the sea-side... (BEACH)
Hint #3.-  Under the Bridge.(BEACH)
Hint #4.-  Can  i invite a cup of tea?  (BEAC

Lushish Catz

Lushish Catz - 
Hint: Its a cold month.


PixyStix - 
Hint: What goes up a chimney down but can’t come down a chimney up? (STORE)


Sage - 
Hint: Inquiring about location of Sage Main store will turn up more than the LM.

Trouble Wear

Trouble Wear - 


B.Barbie - 
Hint: Peek a Boo (STORE)

Pink Emotions

Pink Emotions - 
Hint #1: If you see a Q look around it 
Hint #2: I may be only for Group members but if you look close and have 5L i might be nice 


Ravnous - 
Hint: I have 3 mouths to feed!  (STORE)

Tiny Things

Tiny Things - 
Hint #1: Tired while you are shopping? Take a a seat and rest. (MALL)
Hint #2: After swim in the beach, get warm. (BEACH

Mountain Tops

Mountian Tops - 
Hint: Rescue me before I melt. (BEACH)

Winsome Twins

Winsome Twins - 
Hint: Can't wait to blow my candles out. (STORE)

Say Mmm

Say Mmm -   
Hint #1.Maybe the bunny knows...
Hint #2.A good place to stash the cash
Hint #3. Who knew an egg could grow on a tree

Candy's Cuties & co

Candy's Cuties & co -
Hint: Make sure you wiggle more than a Mannequin!

Tam's Trousseau

Tam's Trousseau - (NO HINT GIVEN)

Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind - 
Hint: 0271 is the key

PB Designs

PB Designs - 
Hint: Cassie Knows

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