Thursday 26 September 2013

New Round@ the Rabbit Hole Sales Room

NEW Round @ the Rabbit Hole Sales Room
21 Designers with a lot of new stuff for you for only 50L or less!!!

This rounds designers are:

1. blah.Blah.blah
2. RapturzUK
3. OhLaLa Fashion
4. Liliskins
5. Hop
6. ModaMia
7. Heart & Soul
8. Newtique
9. Sugar & Cyanide
10. Purple Candy
11. [trs]
12. Baubles
13. Kennedy's
14. Toxic High
15. Sensual Couture
16. Stelloane
17. Princess Oddities
18. Goth1co
19. Stasis
20. Souled Out
21. Sugel Co.


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  2. i would like very much to get in on the 50l deals i sell clothes with appliers for tangos and everything i sell is complete outfit almost everything is 50l or under,so how can i get on board? Please contact NaughtynNice Littlething owner of SEXY 4 LESS with info on how to be apart of the 50l or less or the hunts ty very much.