Friday 20 September 2013

Vivi and PixyStix

Many designers are adding Phat Azz appliers with the Lola's Tango appliers to their creations. See Vivi and PixyStix free gift offerings below.

Miss Vix has created some great gifts for us all to go snatch up at { Vivi }

Free Subscriber Gift ~ Amour - Sweetheart Dresses

Free September Group Gift ~ Faye -Cherry Tube Top

Midnight Madness Prize ~ Naomi - Orange

Marketplace Free Gift ~ Tintable Bow Stocking Tattoo with Phat Azz appliers

And lastly but never leastly, PixyStix brings us awesome things to wear and a skin gift, too

At the PixyStix Mainstore:

Got Stix Dress

 Gabriella Skin

White Skele Bodysuit

And the two dresses below are on sale for 50L each @ KaTnipZ Wonderland Nifty50 Sale

Pink Skele Bodysuit

Teal Skele Bodysuit


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