Friday 20 September 2013

Tango Mirage have Arrived!

Hello Ladies Let me introduce myself .. I'm Twisted! yes my name and nature \o/
im gonna be predominantly blogging Phat azz stuff but since i got the new mirage boobs imma blog them too

want to see them first?
I did pictures of the mirage and the tango so you can see the difference a little better
I really really wish there was a demo, 1750 is a lot of L to shell out on something with no try before you buy option so heres a look clothed and unclothed, Mirage on the Right Tango on the Left


the main difference you can see is the cleavage they are defiantly more pushed together but not as pushy uppy as i think a lot of us was expecting

Now for more tecnical stuff they have been re scripted, so these are not the same scripts as whats in tango
and as a result they are way less scripty, a count of 2 i got on the firestorm thingy, i keep hearing 1 script but i did it 3/4 times and its de
fiantly 2 according to that still WAY less than tango.

you can now wear a bra and a top at the same time \o/ they include built in bounce but not the epic mesh bounce rumored to be in there just the generic prim pivot script we are have anyways. still a nice addition.

they have some great wet look appliers included too

il do a more informed post about the other features once ive had a good chance to really try them out.
they have the usual things a few piercings, nipple options, and default clothing layers much the same at tango, the nipples though... puffy are gone now they are swollen and i miss the puffy ones as these really are not the same :(  oh btw my nipples are not the default ones i wear nipples from BGTT

so now what.. Appliers... they take the tango ones \o/ so all your new stuff will still work. i have seen reports that the uv map is not exactly the same how ever so some adjusting may be needed.. oh there is also an option ot transfer your texture form a top layer to the bra layer and vice versa .. i liked that . saves ripping into the notecard to do it yourself. 

ok user manuals here ya go ... 

some of the new features can be seen here saves me a job :P 

Ok also in the box you will find a new user agreement ..
this really should be made available BEFORE buying the boobs since your are unwittingly agreeing to it when you buy them without being able to actually read it first ... so here it is for you to read before ya buy :) *if it becomes available in the store il change this of course but right now at the time of writing its not there to read*

Im not fond of user agreements like this its confusing and contradictory and can not be applied to anything bought before September 20th 2013 since thats the date it was implemented :) not to mention the fact you can't read it before you are forced to agree to it isnt fair. 

so you can buy them at the lolas sim at a cost of 1750 as usual.
there is no demo please be aware of this... sad but true .. again :( 


The Lolas update group released a notice yesterday that says that there most defiantly be a Tango scripting update coming within the next 2 weeks and it will be free \o/ 

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