Thursday 3 October 2013

Candy Fair Freebies \o/

Hello Lovelies,

My RL plans for this morning have been moved to this afternoon...scuppering my SL plans for this afternoon *grumbles*. However.....................always one to find a silver lining I decided to use the time to take advantage of my designer tag and explore the Candy Fair before it opens and the inevitable lag fest begins.

I scoured the place for freebies and dollarbies, this isn't a boobie event, so there weren't a huge amount around that were boobie friendly, plus not quite everyone has set up yet, so there may well be more by the time it has opened.
I thought it would be nice to give the Big Boobie Babes a sneaky peak at the ones we can wear!! I have also included the ones I found with Azz appliers too, now we are Big Bootie Babes too :P

Included on the above pictures are: 
 Lick Me Tee from Que Bella
Candy Stickers from trs (there is another version in the pack with these too)
Kiss Me's Shorties from Holli Pocket (several more colours in this pack also)

You can also grab the rings, slink toenail polish, lollipop and the poses all  free or a dollarbie from the Candy Fair too, they aren't for boobies or azz's, but look out for them anyway because they are cute

This sexy little outfit from Sugar & Cyanide

Lollipop Pasties from me :P

The Candy Fair opens on 4th October.
(I think this SLURL will take you to outside my store, I am not being super cheeky I promise, I just don't have a proper LM yet, I'll change it as soon as I do)

Watch this space for any more freebies we find for you!

Happy Shopping

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