Tuesday 29 October 2013

the Mother Lode

I hit the mother lode today at AVD. There's 9 free gifts (no group needed) and a group gift board where you can choose your gift from many. There's also 3 lucky chairs. Some of these free outfits come with skin, skin appliers, shape, hair, shoes, and jewelry, for complete looks, and her new skin gift not only has tango but phat azz appliers, see below. Thank you Elisa, very nicely done!!!

 Tango and Phat Azz with this skin!

All of the above are no group needed free gifts on the desk. The picture here below is one of the many group gifts you can choose from on the chooser board. This was my choice, just gorgeous!



  1. can i ask with all your pictures i cant see any lines from your boobs...is it Photoshop out ? cos you look amazing.

    1. I don't use photoshop :) ¡gracias!