Saturday 6 July 2013

A hunting i did go

so many hunts so little time!

i bounced around doing a couple for you .. take a look

The Summer loving hunt.. 
a 1L hunt

Skin 3 tones
Tango appliers

Hint: Pink and black are my favourite colours

Tango, lush and brazilia butt mesh Appliers 

Hint: "Oh thats just Cuckoo!"

Tango Applier

Hint: I'm Young & Beautiful

Tango applier

Hint: I'll take a double scoop, thank you!

#34 Blink

Bikini with mesh sarong and bracelets
and a beach ball
Tango Apllier

Hint: Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk? if so have a seat!

 and i also did the 


tango appliers with 2 options
Hint: Check out the new Releases

#3 PB designs

Tango applier
Hint: The hunt item is red and so am i

#4 Egoxentrikax

Tango applier
Hint: I Love Red Color!!!

Dress, stockings and shoes
Tango applier
Hint: 22

Tango applier
 Hint: Let me bite you

Top and High Pants
Tango applier
Hint: On the desk? That was easy

Top and mesh skirt
Tango applier
Hint: I'm not that innocent

Tango Applier
Hint: "Well, hello there Liberace!"

Tango applier
Hint: These Skeleton Skinnies are spooky!

#37 [NMD]

Top Shorts and Hat
Tango applier
Hint: See giver instore

#51 GWC

Top and Shorts
Tango applier
Hint: ^_~ Nothing hotter than red ^_~

this hunt is a 1l store hunt for group members only
group is free to join how ever \o/

10 prizes hidden in different locations in the store every day..
prizes all have a tango applier

happy hunting \o/

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