Wednesday 17 July 2013

Pink Pearl Designs

Hello Lovelies,

This is my first post for the BBBF website, so for those of you who don't know me, I am Tara, Crumpet or Tata I'll answer to any of those as well as a few other names that I will spare you!! lololol. .::Pink Sugah::. is my store and I have been a sponsor of BBBF for a while now, I'm convinced if it weren't for Babs and you guys my shop would be nothing like as successful as it is now. While Babs is soooo busy in rl it only seemed right that I offered to help out a bit with the group and the blog.

So without further ado (if I can work out how to post on this blog) here is my first post. These items are new gifts at Pink Pearl Designs, they come with Tango appliers.

Okies, that is me done I think, Captain Crumpet over and out!


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