Tuesday 23 September 2014

Happy birthday TARA!! And a sale!

Hello darlings!

I've been really busy in RL lately, so not much blogging unfortunately.
And I have to admit it will probably continue like this for a week or two, 
before things go back to normal.
I will try to show you some sweet freebies and deals in between though.

Today (cause it's past midnight for me) on September 23rd, our own lovely 
Big Boobie mommah (/me hides before Tara reads this) Tara Asamoah has her real life birthday. 

And to celebrate this, she's having a 
10 of her favourite items are marked down to 25$L, but you have to find out which!
So run down to Pink Sugah and starting checking those vendors, because the sale ends 
when Tara's birthday ends. And remember, she's British, so that's eight hours ahead of SLT.

While you're at Pink Sugah, don't miss this lovely little hunt gift.
The Splash of Color hunt has formally ended, but Tara has left the gift out. It's totally free.
Since the hunt is over, I'll give you a little hint of my own: It's the most precious metal
Appliers: Tango, WowMeh

Ok, over and out, this blogger needs sleeeep...

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