Wednesday 17 September 2014

Is it free? Of course it is!

Hello darlings!

I hope you all have joined the SL Frees & Offers group when you I've told you about it before.
This group is completely free, and there are a bunch of lovely group gifts available for 
it all over the grid. The one I'm showing you today is from Lunasea and it's a really 
cute mesh outfit, for some odd reason called semi-formal, which is really doesn't 
look like to me. I would call this cute and preppy, but definitely informal.

Appliers: Tango

The two sleeping cuties in the background are my kitties Micky and Rose, 
bonus points if you can guess why they're called that!
They love sleeping by the fireplace, and we haven't even had 
one accident with the candles, thank the powers that be.

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