Thursday 11 September 2014

Spice up your life!

Hello darlings!

Yesterday, the Spice up your life Hunt started and oh boy am I excited!
I was a huge fan of Spice Girls as a kid, I knew all their songs by heart and
definitely identified very much with Baby Spice, of course, I'm blonde after all. ;-)

This hunt runs until Sept 30th, it's not free, but the hunt prize is only 2$L.
You can read more and see previews and hints on the hunt page here.

So anyway, our very own Tara of Pink Sugah is number 2 in this hunt and she has made
the most awesome gift! You will find no less than four (!) dresses in this smack-full gift box.
Apparently Tara was unable to come up with anything Sporty and I very much respect that. As a
designer, you should make what you want. If you don't feel inspired, it won't turn out good anyway.

She did do a great job on the other four girls though. And I got really inspired and 
tried to sort of channel each girl in these pictures. Did I mention I really loved Spice Girls?

Appliers for all but Baby Spice: Tango, Phat Azz, Brazilia, Ghetto Booty, WowMeh, Lena Lush

First up, Posh Spice! I guess the only one of them that is still really famous, and only because 
she married David Beckham. Classic silvery dress with plunging neckline for Victoria.

Then we have, Scary Spice! I always thought that was bit unfair. Who wants to be known as scary?
Mel B was usually dressed in animal print and here's Tara's take on it. The nip slip is totally intentional.
((Psst! This skin is still free as part of the HTH prize at Lumae!))

Ginger Spice! The only real spice among the nicknames. ;-) Geri left the band in 1998, but returned
for the reunion tour in 2007. She was often seen wearing the British flag, with or without glitter.

And last, Baby Spice! She didn't have as iconic wear as the others, but was always 
dressed very cute, often in pink. Almost always had her blonde hair in pigtails.
Please note, this dress is mesh, and as such, only has appliers for Tango.

*skips away humming* "If you wanna be my lover..."

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