Friday 19 September 2014

Nerd 80085 Hunt @Cleavage!

From September 12th to October 3rd, Cleavage is hosting Nerd 80085 Hunt, a 1L hunt with a bimbo-nerd theme. Think glasses, pocket protectors, school uniforms, braces; all with a bit of a barbie twist! Join the in-world I <3 Cleavage group for help with the hunt: secondlife:///app/group/be04c6d3-fe39-c2b0-3c3f-196d4a8234a7/about
You’ll be looking for the Boobs Calculator hunt item, pictured here: 

GENERAL HINT: The hunt items are NOT located in the stores, they are scattered around the sim so take your time, look around and see what other hidden gems you’ll find like a cozy cafe or secluded wooded area to hang out in.

TP to Cleavage now and get hunting! And now on to your visual aids and crib notes!
1) sexZ

Hint: If you want to keep your mind sharp, make sure you get a full 8 hrs sleep every night.

2) 7 Deadly Skins
Hint: Using public transportation is a total no-brainer.

3) Pink Sugah
Hint: Sitting at the bus stop and bored? A quick game of sudoku should help.

4) Anymore Store
Hint: Recycle what you can but some things just have to go in the trash.

5) Bad Apple Designs
Hint: There’s no better place to contemplate string theory than sitting on a bench by a tree.

6) Barely Legal Couture (COMING SOON – skip for now)
Hint: Reduce your carbon emissions; ride a bike!

7) Bitch & Chick
Hint: I just love how the sunlight refracts in the water from that fountain.

8) Bombshell
Hint: Smile for the camera and show us those braces!

9) Butterfly Effects Designs
Hint: Did you know that caffeine is a stimulant, huh? huh? huh? huh?

10) Ellemeno
Hint: Firehose puns are predictably phallic…. and hilarious.

11) F’n’Hawt
Hint: I think the newest issue of Nerds Weekly is out. Better pick up a copy quick before it sells out!

12) SKIP

13) Gatherings Designs
Hint: Don’t be a dummy and park in front of the fire hydrant. Fire safety is important!

14) Jelly
Hint: ET phoned home… and so should you!

15) Perch
Hint: Take a nature walk out of the city centre and grab some treats at the Garden Cafe!

16) TRS
Hint: The loch ness monster is just a legend… or is it?

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