Sunday 24 November 2013

Forbidden Apple Hunt

The Forbidden Apple is a 1Linden Hunt and features many of our favorite boobie stores, see below.

1.- .::Hot Stuff::. 
     Hint: Come on, come and slap it!

7.- Slutwear by Lexi
     Hint: Demons my not swim but they enjoy pushing the unwary into the waters.

8.- Busty Boutique
     Hint: I am in the corner. I must have been naughty

9.- .::Pink Sugah::.
     Hint: Vanilla or Strawberry?

22.- NewtiQue
     Hint: Are you waiting for a letter?

29.- ::Drop Dead Gorgeous::
     Hint: I have a question for you

34.- PB Designs
      Hint: The hunt is the Forbidden Apple. I lie by somewhere that is also forbidden.

43.- Sugar and Cyanide
     Hint: My, those pants are shiny!

53.- ..:{*PanDemic*}:..
     Hint: Snug as a bug in a...

69.- Laney's
     Hint: Check the information desk.


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