Friday 8 November 2013

The Dirty Turkey Hunt

# 03 - 1 Hundred
Hint: Look Low!

Hint: On the floor near the sun, find vestment that sparkles and shines

#06 Munique
Hint: Keep calm and feel sexy!

Hint: I hide my socks in there

#09 Milk w/Phat Azz
Hint: she roars

#11 Cynful w/Phat Azz
Hint: Let’s Play Scrabble

#12 Leti's Tattoo w/Phat Azz
Hint: “Be careful not to crush you!”

Hint: I’m feeling so festive, I’m on a sugar rush!

Hint: It’s light, airy, and pink!

#33 Luckie
Hint: If I went to school in this I’d be punished…. Along with my 2 sweet friends.

Hint: Magic Glass

#49 Toxic High w/Phat Azz
Hint: The Soldier Took your gift, better get it.

#50 F.owl
Hint: Let’s sit and talk a while.

#51 Kennedy's w/Phat Azz
Hint: See Hint Giver at Landing Point.

Hint: Up with the melting cake

#73 Barely Legal Couture w/Phat Azz
Hint: In the Beginning all things are made NEW!

Hint: It’s in a bright place!

#77 Cheeky w/Phat Azz
Hint: Red Hairs are so nice!

Hint: Angel or a hot guy


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