Friday 22 November 2013

Prezzies Accumulating

oh wow! i didn't realize my inventory had gotten stuffed like a's some things i wanted to show you from it.

The 3 below are from Prince$$
Princess Shape Shifter Dress w/ Phat Azz Group Gift

Princess Little Kitteh w/ Phat Azz Group Gift

Princess Denim Skirt w/ Phat Azz Group Gift

and other gifties below
ArisAris Cadency Dress November Group Gift

Pixel Dust Native Outfit w/ Phat Azz November Group Gift

FLG Young Berry Outfit w/ Phat Azz Marketplace Free

Sugar & Cyanide High Waist Grey w/Phat Azz @Suicide Dollz Group Gift

Awear Jasmine Dress w/ Phat Azz Group Gift

Countdown Candance Gold Gown June Group Gift

Deadly Embrace Kajira Mistletoe Group Gift

Elska Reign Tattoo @Acid Lily Group Gift

Pimp My Sh!t L'Amour Paris Tattoo w/ Phat Azz French Kiss Hunt # 4 Gift

Sexy Peach Tribal Gold @Sandia Room 5L

Trinite Keep Calm Free Gift

Shar's Gowns Nightbutterfly Marketplace 5L

DMD Camo Dress Marketplace Dollarbie (tysm Trinity Eiselstein <3)

Amber-licious Gold Lace Mini w/ Phat Azz Leather or Lace Hunt # 14 Gift

And these 3 below are in the Jerky Turkey Hunt
Vivi Janey Brown Sweater w/ Phat Azz # 13 TJTH3 Gift

Bad Fox Designs Hoodie, Jeans, Boots, Tail & Ears # 38 TJTH3 Gift

Carrie's Katie Lingerie # 66 TJTH3 Gift


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