Monday 4 August 2014


Hello darlings!

Weekend is almost over, but I thought I'd give you a little something to cheer you up 
and brace you for the coming week. The Aloha Fair started on Jul 28th and runs until Aug 11th.
This is a great summer-themed fair with lots of nice offers. And gifts! :-D

I have gathered up all the applier-friendly gifts I could find and will share them 
with you in a few posts. To find these gifts, you need to find the surfboard 
with a picture of a girl with a flower garland. Not all stores have gifts out, but most of them do. 

Please note that not every gift is totally free. Today's pics are all of gifts that are 1$L.

I apologize if these pictures aren't great. SL was being really mean and in the end I kinda 
gave up and took some of the pics on Mid graphics instead of my usual Ultra.

This Chained bikini from Ch's comes with appliers for Tango, Puffy, Phat Azz, 
Ghetto Booty, BANNED, Slink Physique and WowMeh

 The Perdy Capri combo pack from Bad Apple Design includes way too many varieties 
for me to show them all. There are four different colours of camo and eight solids.
Now, unfortunately I can't guarantee that the appliers for these pants will work. They attached to my right hand at first, trying to attach them to HUD didn't work properly. They looked all right when rezzed, but since I don't own a mesh butt, I can't try. I'm also not sure which butt they are for, though I suspect Phat Azz, since the name of the applier is simply Perdy Capris Azz applier.

Last item for tonight is the Didy skin from WoW in Milk. Appliers: Tango, Slink hands and feet

As usual, no editing of skin picture done apart from cropping. 
Using the Bree's Appleblossom WL-setting, no facelight used.

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