Sunday 31 August 2014

Approaching the peek!

Hello darlings!

This is the last preview before the Hello Titty Hunt 4 - Peek~A~Boo!
The hunt starts at noon tomorrow on Monday Sep 1st and I hope you're all ready!
You can get all the information about the hunt at the hunt page.
Preview 1, preview 2, preview 3,  preview 4, preview 5, preview 6

The last hunt gift I'll be showing you is the fully packed box from Lumae.

In this you'll find the the lovely Evie skin in two tones, Honey to the left and Truffle to the right.
Evie has appliers for Tango and Lush, including something I know some of you will be really
happy about, nipple appliers! There are also Omega appliers, with nipples and appliers for
WowMeh, Slink Physique and Loud Mouth. Also in the box, a shape not shown.

Don't you just love those pouty shimmering lips?

 And, since Lumae is being super-generous, there's a second gift in the box!
The Lacey Days lingerie set, both in black and white.
Appliers: Tango, Lush, Puffy, Phat Azz, Omega, WowMeh, Slink Physique

Now, the hunt is less than 24 hours away, I hope these previews have convinced you to go!

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