Friday 8 August 2014

Going to Wonderland

Hello darlings!

It's Friday, the weekend is around the corner and I hope you're all having a lovely one.
Today's post features a few more find from Marketplace, this tim from Yes My Love.
This store is great if you're going to a costume party or just want to play dress-up,
and the best part is, almost nothing is above 10$L.

The outfits below are all completely free and includes Tango appliers.

The Alice dress is mesh and includes a texture change HUD so you get 
four different version of the dress in the same box, quite a deal.

Of course, I completely failed to take pictures of anything but the blue dress, 
but I'm sure you want mind with this fantastic sunset in the background. 
I didn't do as much cropping as I usually do on these pictures, 
just because I was so happy with how they turned out. 
Of course you can still get a bigger version of the pictures by clicking them.

This Stripey Steampunk outfit might be a bit too revealing for many of the 
Steampunk/Victorian sims out there, but it would great at a party.
This comes with goggles, bracelets, clock collar, mesh skirt and a mesh corset in three versions,
tight, tighter and tightest, to the right I'm wearing the tightest, 
as you can see, it cinches my waist pretty good.

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