Saturday 9 August 2014

Let me tell you a tale

Hello darlings!

This will just be a quick post to show you another of my Marketplace finds from Yes My Love.
I struggled with these pictures a bit, I wanted a dark atmosphere to fit the outfit,
but unfortunately that didn't show it off too well, especially the boots.

I guess you'll just have to get the outfit so you can see 
how great it is, after all, it's completely free! :-)

Harley Quinn is a sexy costume reminiscent of Comedia dell'arte.
It consists or a bra, slipping panties, mesh corset, mesh boots and a collar.
There's a mask in the box too, which is not shown here.

Just as with the Stripey Steampunk outfit I showed you yesterday, 
the corset comes in three varieties, tight, tighter and tightest. 
While my avi doesn't need to breathe, I still opted for the tight one.

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