Wednesday 13 August 2014

Letting my inner geek out

Hello darlings!

I don't think I hide my geekiness very much actually, 
but maybe I'm not very overt with it. I compartmentalize a lot, 
I have different avatars for different things, because it makes it 
easier for me to keep things separate. So Coira is my least geeky one I guess, 
I don't use her for roleplay or anything. But anyone who's seen me squeal in 
group chat about the Dalek dresses from Rachel Swallows, 
or discuss the merits of certain sci-fi shows, has probably suspected something. ;-)

This top is a freebie from IAF and it comes with Tango appliers. 
The skirt is mesh and from the same store, also free, sadly applier-less.
I just love the contrast here with the formal skirt, updo and jewelry paired with the t-shirt. :-)

IAF has this lovely Aqua Floral dress out as well, Tango-appliers. 
The high-waisted skirt can be worn on it's own.
Apologies for the weird shine on my bangles, the advanced lighting model 
plays havoc with my computer. I need a better graphics card.

If you haven't been to IAF, it's well worth a visit even if it wasn't for the nice gifts. 
They do appliers for  several butts  as well as WowMeh (and Tango of course) 
and I don't think any single item in the store is more than 100$L.

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