Friday 3 October 2014

A soul-stealing witch?

Hello darlings!

It's soon Halloween, the other day I was a soul-steal demon, today I'm a witch.

I'm sure you'll recognize this outfit as I have blogged a very similar one before.
However, !Soul just released this in purple! Don't worry, in case you prefer orange, 
that one is till available, together with more group gifts than you can imagine.
Now, don't forget, there are two groups at !Soul, one of them is free, and one is not.
The gifts I've shown here are from the free group.

As usual for !Soul outfits, there are appliers for Tango and Lush.

Pictures for this and for the demon outfit the other day were taken at the BUSTed Haunted House,
it's well worth a visit if you like spooky stuff and/or need a good place for Halloween pictures.

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