Saturday 4 October 2014

We're all geeks here

Hello darlings!

It's Saturday! And that means Saturday Sale!
I went to PixelGeek and picked up some really nice stockings for just 50$L.
The Candy Stockings come in Candy ;-) shown below, and Sky, shown in the next pic.
They include three options, hearts, stars and plain. Appliers: Phat Azz, WowMeh and Slink feet.
And while at PixelGeek, I joined the group, for 1$L, and got myself a whole bunch of free group gifts.
The Casual shirt in pink worn above is one of them, it has appliers for Tango.
The Cloudy panties is another, with Phat Azz appliers.
The tatto I have is also a gift, and it supposedly says 'Lick me' in Japanese, 
I have no idea since I can't read it, but I hope it's correct. 
The tattoo comes in four varieties, with Phat Azz appliers.

Here's the stockings in blue, and another gg, the I <3 you top in blue, with Tango appliers.

The I <3 you top comes in pink too. And here you can see another of the tattoos, 
apparently saying 'Princess'.
I'm also wearing the Dolly Skulls slink nail appliers that are another group gift,
but as always, it's freaking impossible to get a picture of nails that shows anything else.

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