Tuesday 21 October 2014

Gifts, gifts, gifts, all purple!

Hello darlings!

Time for some new group gifts, this time from [QE] Designs.
The [QE] Designs group if free to join and you'll get access to three free and awesome group gifts!

First up is this gorgeous Body Garter lingerie set in grape.
Appliers: Tango, Phat Azz, Ghetto Booty, WowMeh, Slink Physique

This sexy purple Kataya dress in latex only has appliers for Tango, I'm sorry big booty girls. 
It might work over some of the mesh bodies, you'll just have to test.

The third gift is a 100$L giftcard. This is a discreet little vendor next to the group joining board.
Since this is a one-time gift, you need to buy it for 1$L,  but you will have that refunded immediately.

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