Friday 11 July 2014

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Ok, so I had to share just one more thing from [QE] Design with you.

At the MM boards right now you can win the Bad Bitch outfit in no less than four different versions.

First up is the Army and Navy versions, both of these come in camo as well. 
Included in the outfit is a tanktop and panties, stockings, a gun holster and mesh boots.
I couldn't resist putting on some face paint while modeling this. ;-)

The Bad Bitch Assasin has nice bodysuit, a miniskirt, boots, gun holster, knuckle irons and a spiked leather collar and bracelets.

My favourite version, the Alchemist comes with a tank and turtleneck tee, can be worn together or separate, cool armwarmers, two belts, panties, stockings, boots and a gun holster with a BIG gun (that I unfortunately missed to wear in the pic). 
I think the colour combo on this outfit is really cool and this could work very well in a cyberpunk style sim.

Appliers on all: Tango, Phat Azz

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