Wednesday 23 July 2014

Boob-friendly AND casual? For free!

Hello my darlings,
I'm sure you are all aware that designers making sexy clothing in SL are much more likely to make appliers than those who do more casual outfits.
Prism however is different. This store is the best place for casual everyday wear that is still boob-friendly. Below is a selection of free group gifts from Prism, the group is free to join and all gifts come with appliers for Tango.

 This one might be a bit warm for being in the middle of the summer, but will look great when it gets cooler, and can of course be worn without the shawl.

Two outfits for going shopping or a walk in the par maybe, the left mesh dress could be worn without the leggings for a more party look. Don't you just love the cut-outs on the arms?

 A pretty dress with a rather dizzying pattern, and a nice summer outfit with matching sunglasses.
Yes, the top is supposed to look like that, it's not cutting.

This mesh bikini with a matching mesh skirt comes in a red pattern and plaid as well as the blue with stars shown above.

Anastacia in Valentine mesh dress with three different optional flexi attachments and a cutesy little hat

And remember that you can click the pictures for a bigger version.

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