Monday 14 July 2014

Hair Fair

So I know these days it's no longer a huge issue to find hair that works with enhanced boobies. 
But I still felt it was worth sharing the boob-friendly gifts from Hair Fair with you.

Hair Fair has fixed tp's, but you can use the slurl to give you a beacon to find your way.

First up is Alice Project. You get two completely free hairstyles in the bag. Both come with AP Basics HUD so you have a total of 30 colours to pick from. You can also chose to colour just streaks, to have them in an accent colour, like I have done here. The hair band can also be re-coloured by clicking on the hair for a menu.
Alice Project is on the Blonde sim. 

AP National Anthem and National Anthem II

From Rosy mood, on the Noirette sim, comes this cute little thing with bangs. Three colours available, Chocolate, Crimson and Custard, which I'm wearing. 1$L

Analog Dog, on Brunette sim, offers this windblown style, in a full fatpack! I tried counting the colours, but there were just too many, since there's also ombres available in each colour pack. I'm sure anyone will find a colour that suits them.

LollipopZ, also on Brunette sim, has  the Not in love in Mixed pack A, which means there are ten different colours to chose from. Three more or less blonde, two black, two reddish brown, carrot, pink and grey.

 Last one on Brunette sim is Vanity Hair who gives us these two styles, 
Boys will be boys in teal and Fantastic girl in blue/pink

Like the top I'm wearing? It's a freebie from F'n'H but if you want you need to hurry because it will be gone soon!

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