Wednesday 13 February 2013

Big Boobie Babes HQ is here Woohoo!

As you know We were Generously offered a spot at Jersey Shore for a Headquarters
well ive been at it all day and we finally have something in there \o/ 

theres online indicators for Lady and myself 
A new paper rack full of great info ( or it will be soon :p )

I am also very excited to announce the first of the BBB Clothing line is up and out!

the Lacey n Roses and Glitz n Roses Body suits are up on the wall and..

In the Lucky Balloons!

theres 3 lucky balloons at HQ with all 10 Body suits in there
they are also set for sale at 49L each if you can't wait 

the come with Tango and Lolas 2.5 appliers 
so should work with most makes of boobies ^_^

We also have the start of our Big Boobie Babes Supporters Freebie wall 
the first gift given by Dreamz Designz!

only available to group members so wear them tags with pride Girls!

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