Tuesday 26 February 2013

Hunts, Freebies, Group Gifts Gallore!

Ive been bouncing all over the place today collecting all the goodies i could find

now where on earth do I Start!

2 Great Gifts here
this purple and black bikini/silks outfit is adorable!
comes with prim attachments for more detail 
its gorgeous! and free over by the group gifts wall

theres also a gift box in the lobby as you walk in
inside theres this great red dress in the box nest to it is the tango applier!
Both come with Tango appliers

Next lets go to...

2 Group Gifts to nab here right now
Ive got to admit the first one Bossy is so cool!
Comes with a great pair of mesh high waisted pants, sexy pink topless top and pretty Bra

the Second is Just utter Pinkness! lol 
Sexy body halter neck body suit with a Micro mini Mesh Skirt and gloves too

Both Include a Tango Applier!

Free To Join Group

I'm Not Done theres More!!

A new Store to me this one but its making a promising start 

Valentine gift 
Very sexy latexy metalicy body suit with matching gloves and stockings!
Tango Applier
they sell these in other colours for 350L i think it was so well worth snatching up this one

More? you want even more?? Geeeez

Ok check this out!

theres a hunt going on called Route 66 and thanks to Jane i can show you this!

very cute skirt and top outfit in this 1L hunt
you are looking for a car tire and no i aint telling you where it is :P

Mesh skirt in 5 sizes and a cute route 66 vest top and tango applier

the cool car im sat on.. also a hunt prize i LOVE it!

Last But no way the Least!

this sexy little top is a freebie to all 
theres also a purple one in the midnight mania but it was locked when i got there :(
Tango Applier!

another new but promising store 

and thats it folks! enjoy :)

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