Tuesday 19 February 2013

Groupgifts & stuff!

 I just found this today even tho its been out as Valentine groupgift (group free) its still avalable!
4 dresses in the colours Black/Red/Pink/White with neck tie and also black collar not shows in the picture!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

New group gift from FLG (group free)
Outfit with top,shorts, nails, tattoo, necklace, balletflats & sun glasses.
AppliersL Lola's Tango
Pink Passion Designs re- modeling there store but one part is finished and its has 4 MM boards , 2 lucky chairs & a groupgift. Group is free to join.
The outfit above is there groupgift. White top with mesh pants in 5 sizes & boots!
Appliers: Lola's Tango 
Yay PixyStix has a new home! And as re-opening celebration she has a hunt going on.
7 gifts in the hunt 6 of them are skins and last one is the sexy lingerie you see above in the picture.
Also she has 2 MM boards & 4 Lucky boards and don't forget the groupgift!
Appliers: Lola's Tango
These 4 dresses are a Dollarbie at DBR get it while its still out!
Appliers: Lola's Tango

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