Sunday 10 February 2013

Lots of stuff...

I know its Sunday aka Lazy Day but no time to be lazy Babes!
I had a good night rest, so be ready... haha..
Go on grab these fabulous gifts!
Cute white bikini with pink hearts called Lovefool was made for the "Another Valentine's Day" hunt that runs till 21th of Februari. I did the whole hunt nothing els with applier found.
Appliers: Lola's Natural /Push-ups / Tango, Mused full breasts, Lush
Hint: Don't I smell pretty..........
Next gift is also a bikini red with lil white bows and is a free februari gift, yes buy it for 0 Lindens!
 Applier: Lola's Tango
Search for the cute bear holding your gift on the desk.
I felt like riding a bike in SL! ( lol)
You all get on one too and ride on to Tiny Things who has left this groupgift for you to grab!
No join fee.
Appliers: B-Busty , Lola's Tango, Universal Implants
This outfit is called Bossy! Do i look like one? :P
Its a faboulus groupgift! No fee to join.
It comes with bra and mesh pants 5 different sizes.
Appliers: Lola's Tango
Lovely bra with matching panties but also the knitted hoodie is included!
Only available from 8th till 15th February so hurry down and grab it.
 Only thing you have to do is slap the subscriber to get it!
Appliers: Lola's Push-up/ Tango, Lush
This corset comes in different colours ( black/blue/green/pink/purple/red/teal/white) and is a groupgift ( join the group and find it in send notices, no fee)
Applier: Lola's Tango
When i saw notice send out about the Midnight Mania board dress at Modamia i thought why not add it to the blog so you all can see what you need to be slapping to get it!
My Sweet Valentine lovely red dress  in mesh comes in 5 different sizes.
Applier: Lola's Tango 
Tired yet?
Hold on almost done....
Three group gifts from Ruxy no fee!
White shirt with sleeves ( says red in package but they are white)
Applier: Lola's Tango
Knitted lacy shirt.
Applier: Lola's Tango
Chocolate Candy dress YUM!
Applier: Lola's Tango
When you land outside the store go through then outside in the garden part in the back corner you will find all the goodies!
And while your there don't forget to slap the MM boards for the DK Pink top & Noa mini dress they both have tango appliers!
Lovely pink corset is the Valentine's  gift.
Mesh part comes in 5 sizes.
Applier: Lola's Tango
Ok ok .... last one!:P

This is a Dollarbie found at DCNY!
Its includes the tank top, panties and the socks!
Applier: Lola's Tango
Ok now i can be lazzy i need a nap :P


  1. The hint at Pink Sugah has been changed to "Don't I smell pretty"

  2. Thankies! I guess the hint on the website of the hunt was incorrect.

  3. good god woman thats a HUGE post WTG you are putting me to shame lol Lubs you!!