Wednesday 20 February 2013

Get ya Knockers out!

Ive seen this store being boasted about in the group for a few days and today i got a notecard form the owner and a bunch of stuff too so i went over and Loved what i found

There are 2 lucky boards and a midnight Mania board
Not to mention 3 freebie all tango/lush friendly

oh and until feb 23rd you can snag this cute creation for just 50L

its so dam cute lol 
you can choose form 4 belt colours and for just 50L each grab one of each
Appliers included Tango/Lush

as i mentioned already theres also a midnight mania board

50 slaps to lock this one
its called Groovy Mojo and yeah i have to say it
Its Groooovy baby ... Yeah! :P

Appliers included: Tango/Lush

and 2 lucky boards too

go slap em!

Appliers included; Tango/Lush

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