Saturday 16 February 2013

FLF Quik Grab them Fast

Fiftly Linden Fridays

This is kinda late notice I know but Babs went AWOL and i know you lot are going to want this!

:[Plastik]: Has 2 fantastic outfits out today only

there is this one.. 

 and this one I didn't get a chance to snap me in it sorry

I borrowed this from thankyou

they both have so much in them you must go grab them
theres, rings, and collars, and corsets and leg warmers, boots and heels earing, tattoos eyes even
and all for 50L a set
the black comes with a tango applier
Now i wear Vstring and i noticed today theres something really cool about the Tango applier
the notecard inside you can drag it from the tango applier into your inventory and open it
then use the uuid number of the top texture to make a lolas 2.5 applier that will work on most other boobs! \o/

just a tip!

also there is this

Shoes, Shirt, Shorts and Stockings
and a Tango applier


Remember its till Midnight SLT Friday Only so grab them fast or miss out

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