Saturday 2 February 2013

Hunting time!

Alot of hunts out there started on 1 February!
We going to go through them all and see what we find.
Already found a few items with appliers, so here we go..
Aint this dress cute?
Mesh dress coverd with little hearts comes in different sizes and has a tango/lush applier! 
To be found at Pink Sugah 
Hint: Where the caged bird sings… 
Simply Ravishing is what this dress is called, and it is!
Tango applier is included.
To be found at Sassy!
 Hint: Doors, doors, doors… there are too many of them.
Jack or Jill hunt ( Free)
YAY some tats for the boobies!
Para is making appliers on requests for 100 lindens
But this one is free with tango applier!
To be found at Para Designs
Hint: Rest your pretty little head on this super fluffy pillow.
This skin is called Venna and comes with A & D cup sizes boobs and so do the tango appliers.
(tats on the pic not on the skin)
To be found at Mystic Canvass Skins
Hint: Gatcha

Tie Me Up Hunt  (5 Lindens hunt )
This is a very sexy lingerie.
It comes with collar, bangles earings & the dark make up, lips and eyeshadow!
To be found at .::Hot Stuff::.
Hint: I can't believe it! lots of gifts...

If you find more hunt items with appliers let me know so i can blog it!
Happy hunting ;)

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