Sunday 17 February 2013

Some stuff..

My inventory is a mess and thats my story and sticking to it!
So i forget things to blog :P
This hot outfit is on the Mini Mania only needing 25 slaps each time and someone will win it!
See why i wanted this outfit?? :P
Tp to Tori's Styles to slap the board!

This been posted a few days in the group but i keep forgeting to blog it so here it is!
This lovely gown with Tango applier is for grabs free at LC!
Another one that i forgot :P This cute black dress is a Dollarbie with tango applier!
Tp here to get it while you still can @ Rock Me Amadeus
Dress with a hud that has 5 different top colors in it!
Is on the MM board waiting for you to slap it @ Blackeri

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