Sunday 3 February 2013

Sunday Hunting day!

 I blogged 2 items already for the Jack or Jill hunt ( Free)
 Here are 3 more i found!

 Red push-up bra with Tango applier
 To be found @ Le Primitif
Hint: Lurking In The Shadows

Cute hoodie called "Fruit Punch"!
Appliers: lolas 2.5/tango,ecorp,mused
To be found @ Holli Pocket
Hint: These stems wear the buttons
Sexy bodysuit in 5 different sizes + a hud to wear it 2 ways, with or whitour lace!
Appliers: Lola´s Tango incl
To be found @ Cheeky
Hint: The next letter after N?
 Happy Hunting!

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